I'm excited to present to you my take on wearable art. You must have many questions so here are some of the most common questions I received from my customers.

Hoodsonas are wearable animal-themed hoods that bring out your inner expressions! These hoods come with a scarf-liked extension with hand pockets. My latest patent-pending design comes with detachable sleeves that you can wear separately from the hood and come with functional fingered gloves that are also animal-themed! You can also wear just the hoods if you want to go light-weight for awhile! What a novel idea!

YES! This design of a hood with detachable and functional arm covering sleeves and functional fingered paw gloves is unique enough to start a functional patent claim. This application has been accepted and currently in the process. I will update this section as this application status is updated!

Hoodsonas are made not only with highest quality materials but also highest quality of workmanship. Also, Hoodsonas are made for you with your designs! You heard it right. YOUR DESIGN! When you purchase a Hoodsona product, you are working directly with me to figure out how to translate your idea of a theme into an actual Hoodsonas product. You have the control of how it look. This is how it brings out your inner persona!

Indeed. What makes my Hoodsonas brand different is that I focus on making unique, one-of-a-kind functional costumes for my customers. You tell me what you want, the theme and the accessories, and I work with your design into an actual product for you.

Anything and everything! Most of my designs are animal-themed. I have done wolves, foxes, felines, red pandas, and even a mythical gryphon-liked creature. I am always expanding my capabilities and exploring new materials and construction methods to offer more designs and styles. Feel free to send me your ideas! I love working with challenging ideas.




Hoodsonas by SixthLeafClover

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